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About Us

A candid and real "About Us" Video.  We answer the questions that visitors and friends often ask us and for your entertainment value, we have included a few bloopers at the end!

Merry Christmas to family and friends ne

Ultimate Dive Trucks owner's, Eric & Stacy Olson, of Colorado USA, arrived to Bonaire for the first time on December 31st, 2018.  They 'retired' a few months earlier and started to travel the Caribbean in search of an island to call home. They wanted to get out of the rat race and once they found Bonaire, it was an easy decision to stay. They were residents 6 weeks later!

After renting a standard compact "dive" truck during their first week in Bonaire in January 2019, Eric immediately knew that there had to be a way to improve the overall shore diving experience by creating a modified truck bed.

What started on a napkin in February 2019, is now an innovative, patent-pending, rental truck fleet for those looking for a first class shore diving experience.




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