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About Us

Ultimate Dive Trucks owner's, Eric & Stacy Olson, of Colorado, arrived to Bonaire for the first time on December 31st, 2018.  They 'retired' several months earlier and started to travel the Caribbean in search of their retirement "home away from home."  It was very important to them to be connected with a local church family, and they chose Bonaire because the pace of life was slower, and would offer them more opportunity to establish meaningful friendships and connections within the church and community. 

The first week on the island they rented the standard rental truck.

That experience caused them to ask one question:

"Is it possible that there may be a better way?"

Then they started to talk to other divers and found out what the diving community would like to see in the "ultimate dive truck."  

1) Secure storage for valuables

2) Shower

3) Cooler

4) Easier gear set up 

5) Roomier truck

6) Automatic Transmission

7) Air conditioning

8) Upright tank storage (less tank moving)

And..... that is how the Ultimate Dive Truck was born! 

The first one was completed on June 15th, 2019. 

Needless to say....that was the end of "retirement" and the beginning of a new chapter of serving divers on Bonaire.