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Ultimate Dive Trucks

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Dive trucks in
a class of their own

Ultimate Dive Trucks is an innovative rental truck, designed to deliver a unique shore diving experience. Our rental trucks are 4 Door, Ford F150s and come equipped with an aluminum utility bed with on-board shower, locking storage for security, upright tank transport, and full size cooler.  Guaranteed to provide satisfaction, while reducing the risk of injury, the damage to dive gear, and the potential for theft. 

Ultimate Dive Truck

everyone else

Why Rent the Ultimate Dive Truck?


Ultimate Amenities

Diver Stations w/ secure clips

  • Tank stays securely in place while you set up your BCD & Reg.
  • Keeps equipment safe and secure with no risk of damage by falling off the tailgate.
  • All Divers can set up simultaneously. Less wasted time = more dive time.
  • Accommodates all tank sizes: 100's, 80's, and 63's.

On Board Shower & Rubber Mat

  • Place Rubber Mat Directly Behind Truck for use with Shower.

  • Shower sand and debris off of wetsuit and/or dive boots before/after dives.

  • Use shower to rinse dive cameras between dives.

  • Rinse salt water off hair and body.

Ultra Secure Lock Boxes

  • You can take wallets, cash, and cell phones without concerns for petty theft.

  • Airtight key container provided - dive with key to lock box, while locking truck key in the lock box.

Gear Storage Containers

Keeps the bed organized and clean.

  • Reduce the risk of gear loss when going down the road.​​.

Upright Tank Storage

Less handling of tanks = Less stress on back and body.

Free up truck bed for organized gear storage.

12 Tank Capacity = Less frequent trips to refill.


large Igloo Cooler

​​Pack lunch, snacks and soft drinks, if you prefer your own food to eating out.

Keeps water ice cold so you stay hydrated while diving.

Automatic Transmission & A/C

We are the only truck that allows you to have multiple drivers with no additional charge. 

Automatic transmission makes it easy for anyone in your party to drive.

Air blows super cold so you can stay nice and cool while traveling between dive sites.

 Trucks are F150S.  Limited Availability

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