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 the ultimate diving experience

Whether you are making your first shore diving trip to Bonaire or your are an experienced diver, perhaps making a return visit to our beautiful island. If you value quality amenities and exceptional customer service, the Ultimate Dive Truck is the only truck rental option for you. Ultimate Dive Trucks has considered every detail in the design to guarantee that you have the luxury dive trip of a lifetime, regardless of your level experience.  Plus, we have partnered with VIP Diving, to offer air packages at the time you book your truck rental, making your trip planning seamless.

Why Rent the Ultimate Dive Truck?

4 Divers with 12 tanks in

every other rental truck

4 divers with 12 tanks in

the Ultimate Dive Truck

  • 12 Upright Tank Capacity

    • Less Handling of Tanks=Less Stress on Back and Body.

    • Free Up Truck Bed for Organized Gear Storage

    • Up to 4 Divers Can Dive 3 Dives without going to refill tanks..re

  • 4 Diver Stations with Roll Control Clips

    • Tank stays securely in place while you set up your gear.
    • You place your gear on while it is secure and then step forward as if on a boat
    • Keeps you and your equipment safe and secure, rather than risking it on tailgate
    • Up to 4 Divers can set up simultaneously, so everyone stays cooler

  • 2 Ultra Secure Lock Boxes

    • You can now store wallets, cash, cell phones when on your dive, worry free.

    • Airtight key container provided so you can dive with the keys.

  • Commercial Rubber Mats

    • Designed to place on ground by tailgate so you can stand on it, rather than the rocks or dirt.

    • Especially nice when hosing off with the on board shower.

  • Gear Storage Containers

    • ​Up to 4 Commercial Rubber Bins provided for stowing gear in the truck bed in a clean and organized way.

  • On Board Shower with pump

    • ​8 Gallon Reservoir with pump sprayer, allows you to hose off salt, sand, or debris from yourself or gear after dives.

  • Cooler for Food/Soft Drinks

    • ​​Having food, snacks, and cold drinks on hand during the dive day is time saver so you can spend more time diving.

  • A/C & Automatic Transmission

    • No need to know how to drive a manual transmission when you rent an Ultimate Dive Truck.

    • Air blows super cold so you can stay nice and cool while traveling between dive sites.

What must I do to rent?


Be 25 years or older

Have a Valid drivers license

Have a Major credit card

Ultimate dive station

with roll control clips

The Ultimate Dive Truck has Roll Control clips to keep gear secured until you are ready to put it on and hit the shore.  Benefits: less risk of damage to your gear because it has no risk of falling. And, less risk of damage to yourself....  By providing upright tank storage, there's no longer numerous tanks in the bed that need to handled multiple times throughout the day.

Ultimate Shower

with Sprayer

The Ultimate Dive Truck provides a refillable water tank with an 8 Gallon capacity.  The hose is accessible from the tailgate area of the truck for easy access to all divers on board.  The pump provides plenty of pressure to spray off you and your gear.  Benefit:  NO MORE SAND on you or your equipment, making things much more tidy.  What a Luxury!

Ultimate Security

Locking Storage

The Ultimate Dive Truck has 2 Locking Compartments that are sized perfectly for Camera's, Cell Phones, Wallets, and more.  An airtight key holder is provided to the renter so you can take the keys with you on the dive.

Ultimate Cooler

Food & Beverage

The Ultimate Dive Truck comes equipped with a cooler, so you can bring food and beverages.  Benefit: Stay well hydrated and well fed.